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My rescue Neuman

My Rescue Frenchie Neuman

My rescue Neuman

Neumans 1st day

September 27th, 2017 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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Neuman is an 8 month old French Bulldog, that I rescued.  He came from a home that (A) didn’t know anything about french bulldogs( B) had no time for any pets. (C) Owned 2 big dogs that were constantly fighting him & blocking the food bowls.

He came with a limp. She said it was from one of the other dogs rough housing & it was getting better.   (ugh)

I took him to the vet the next day (sadly, a place he had never been to), he had a  4-6 week old fracture, the leg had stopped growing & even his paw was smaller than the other.  We had to amputate.

So, that is where he is right now, at the surgeons having his leg amputated.  I have a little ramp built off my deck, I bought a firm orthopedic waterproof mattress with a washable microfiber cover.  I have food made for the next couple days.  I have a twin size mattress for the living room so I can  sleep by him (we have uncomfortable reclining furniture).

What am I missing???

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  • juliedarling

    You aren’t missing anything! You got this. The first few days suck but let Neuman set the tone. Make sure pain in controlled (usually tramadol and gabapentin. Rotisserie chicken is the only thing my boy would eat for days but I got him to eat. At week 2 – he was 100% back to himself. So many things I could tell you but they are so resilient. Sometimes it’s harder on us humans! Please don’t hesitate to call the Tripawd hotline if you have any questions. Leave a message if no one answers and you will get a call back. IF you have hardwood floors or tile, you may want to get some skid proof rugs or yoga mats to distribute – Take care and keep us posted on Neuman’s progress and know we are here for you!

    Julie and Tripawd Alumni Spirit Buddy

    • jna2004

      Thank you so much!! It has been a busy 4 days, he is eating really well. He is really doing so good, it like he hasn’t figured out he’s missing his leg (to get around) He was out of his bandages the day after surgery. they said his staples looked great, so they were not going to re-wrap him. They told me to get some baby onsies, but they kept coming off where his front leg was. I sent the husband to get some doggie shirts, he came back with a hooded tshirt one. Its staying on. Is there anything you tried? or could suggest His staples don’t come out until Oct 9th.

  • jerry

    Hey so glad to hear surgery went well!

    Unfortunately, the cone of shame is THE best way to prevent a dog or cat from messing with staples. I know they look soooo pathetic, but we’ve seen it again and again where a new Tripawd rips open stitches and has to have them redone. Be tough and use the cone, you can do it!

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